Why Risk Matters To Nurse Money & Investing

tiny training Jan 24, 2023

Money For Nurses

Tiny Training Investing Series Video #3 (Part 4)


By the time you reach here, you will have done the following

✔️ Logged into your brokerage(s) ⤵️ – Training Video #1

✔️ Clicked into the accounts you have inside of your brokerage(s) ⤵️  Training Video #1

✔️ Found your investments ⤵️ – Training Video #1 & #2

✔️ Identified if you have stocks, bonds, cash, or something else in your investments ⤵️ – Training Video #2

✔️ Got a sense for what percentage of your money is in stocks, bonds, cash, or something else. This is called your portfolio allocation.  Training Video #2


Now you will be wondering...

  1. Why portfolio allocation matters?
  2. How do you know how much stock and how much bond you need to hit your money goals? 

To discover that you learn your risk tolerance and your risk capacity. 


Risk Is Not A Feeling

Risk is not a guess. Do not make the mistake that so many nurses make: do not think your investment risk is based on a feeling.

Feelings don't matter with money. 

Risk capacity is a mathematical equation. I like using the Risquiz for this. 

Risk tolerance has to do with your specific life circumstances. 


Risk Tolerance Examples For Nurse Money Management

  • How employable are you? As nurses, we have high risk capacity because we are very employable. 
  • When do you want to retire? Is that going to be soon? Is that going to be 20 years from now? If it's soon it lowers your risk capacity. 

The truth is most people have not done the work to discover what their actual risk is. When you do your calculations, you can knowledgeably pick your investments. You take the guesswork out of investing. This is how you find the perfect way for you to invest. We go much more in depth on this inside of Ultimate Nurse Investing™ and Quick Launch Investing™. 


Risk Relationship To Stocks And Bonds To Risk

This is one of those things, simple to say, but a lot goes into the strategy. For now, I'm going to leave it here. 

High risk means owning more stocks. 

Low risk means owning more bonds.

🪄 Once you calculate your risk, then you can determine how many stocks and bonds you need, and then you apply that to your portfolio allocation.

I am so excited for you!  You know a lot more about investing than most of the world. 


Your Next Steps To Your Financially Free Future

⭐ Calculate your risk capacity using the Risquiz tool

⭐ Learn more about risk tolerance and use it to adjust the output from your RisQuiz tool

⭐ Learn how to match your risk to your portfolio allocation

⭐ See if your current stock and bond investments match your risk/portfolio allocation

⭐ Learn how to analyze stocks & bonds 

⭐ Manage your stock & bond purchases in the accounts that are perfect for you


This is all totally doable for you. I am here to take you to the next level. 

But we need more time. 


Next Up! Join Me Inside My Webinar – 1.0 CNE

That’s why I am wrapping up this Tiny Training Investment Series with my LIVE Webinar. I’m going to show you who to trust when doing investing and some common mistakes to avoid that will save you 5+ figures. This isn’t a scam, a joke, or any kind of multi-level marketing promotion. This is me, revealing to you–my colleague– what the finance industry says is too complicated for you to do on your own. 


I’ll see you there to talk specifically about 

💲Analyzing investments 

💲Creating passive income


💲How to turn your nursing salary into millions... just as I have done

💲How much you need to retire early


And you’re going to see how to get started toward

✅ Using your nursing money so that you can be financially free

✅ Enjoying your financially independent life 

✅ Retiring early

✅ Working because you want to not because you have to

✅ Setting up generational wealth

✅ Creating legacy 


Yes, it’s a 1.5 hour webinar that’s PACKED with super valuable information. And bonus! You do have an opportunity to submit all your questions so I can answer them.


Sign up to get access to the webinar at a time that suits your busy nursing schedule the best. 


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