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::Imagine Your Best Life::


This isn't just another about page from some random personal finance guru or finfluencer. It's the answer you've been looking for as a nurse trying to get your finances in order.


If you want...

  • More Savings?
  • Higher Net Worth?
  • Work-Life Flexibility?
  • To Learn Investing Using the Nursing Skills You Already Have?


You're in the right place.

I teach nurses how to personalize their investment strategy for financial independence. So you never feel stuck in a job ever again.


If you're fed up with financial jargon, done with budgets that don't work, concerned about losing money to scams, stock market crashes, or financial advisors... If you're tired of filtering through finance content to get to what's important 


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Earning that nursing & APRN money has gotten you on the right path. 


But you're feeling more burnt out than ever in your nursing work. You have a lot of responsibilities, and you wonder when– if ever– you're going to be unstuck from your career.


You've done your best with the limited time you have to take care of your money. You've talked with friends, family, co-workers, and a financial expert to get started.


You get a mashup of tips and tricks. They're all full of financial jargon. They take you nowhere except confused. You're left questioning if your money is working as hard as it can be and if you’re on the right track. 

There's a better way.​


25 (+) years ago – before Roth IRAs even existed and when I was still receiving free school lunches– I was studying compound interest in my high school trigonometry class.

My grandma showed me her pencil and paper budget, and I couldn't wait to make my own. Dreaming about a poverty free life was always a favorite past time when I was young. I remember counting out my pennies manifesting, "I'm Richie Rich."

It's always felt good to disappear into a finance book and practice my hobby. 50+ books later and countless blogs and podcasts too,

I've put all this experience into one system that works. I used it to transform from nursing student eating spoiled food and donating plasma to

  • paying off more than $200,000 of debt,
  • retiring for the first time at age 35,
  • spending 5 full months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail,
  • traveling for months at a time,
  • pursuing creative projects outside of nursing,
  • paying for my home completely in cash,
  • achieving millionaire status,
  • ​being financially independent while doing everything I want in life!


My path has not been linear. I missed out on at least $300,000 in returns along the way thanks to a 'no fee' financial advisor. I've learned quite a lot along the way.

Now I'm sharing this blueprint (sans my mistakes) with nurses everywhere.


I was a nurse with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Financial independence was not something I ever imagined would happen to me. When I met with a financial advisor for help and told her I had a goal of buying a house, she actually laughed in my face. 


I found a different advisor who didn't humiliate me, and we worked together for 10 years. But the amount of financial jargon that came out of his mouth left me with a bad gut feeling. It wasn't until I took the time to dissect the investing industry that I discovered why. He had me invested in high fee funds which led me to miss out on $300,000. 


I transformed myself from confused investor into an expert nurse investor. I stopped telling myself the lies that I didn't have enough time or knowledge to do my own investing. 


Now, I keep my own money in my own account working for me, and I'm teaching other nurses how easy it is to do the same. 


I've battle-tested the best and worst strategies. This.took.years.


The good news? I can fast track you right past those growing pains.

Angel Mathis with partner, Tim Mathis, of 24 years  jumping with joy after paying cash for their house.

Let's work together to make you financially free.

Angel Mathis




Nurse since 2002

NP since 2008

1st retired @ age 35



Kentucky born w/ deep ancestral roots

Ohio raised

KY, WA, and Australia educated

New Zealand immigrant

PNW gal




Anything with my partner x 24 years

Anything outside​

Walking across countries

- USA: Pacific Crest Trail 2015

- Spain: el Camino de Santiago

- Scotland: West Highland Way

Pursuing creative ideas


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Think About It...


You can earn money in your sleep–without lifting a finger– by learning to care for your finances. Be secure, independent, and completely unstuck from your job! Use your financial independence to advocate for yourself, your colleagues, and your patients. 


One financial blueprint is all you need. Learn it once and you're set for life. Let's make it happen.

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