Yes, nurses can be richer than doctors! Be debt free • Never stress about money again • Be (early) retirement ready!

Are you a nurse who's ready to transform passive to passive income?

You weren't taught this in nursing school! You calculate drug dosages, interpret ABGs, manage insulin, adjust heparin and so many other complex, critical thinking tasks. Now I'm showing you how to use these skills you already have to learn how to invest without financial jargon or confusion! 

Make Me A Successful Nurse Investor 🚀

Pause ((Deep Breath))

Is this you?


You’ve worked your whole life to become the nurse that you are…but your employer doesn’t care.


You’re fed up with 

Feeling stuck in your job.

Getting called for overtime.

Being short-staffed.

Being abused.

Knowing you’re the scapegoat for your organization’s poor management.

Pizza parties to celebrate your hard work.


You’re finally ready to

Make that nursing money work for you.

Be a fearless advocate for yourself, your colleagues, and your patients…if you decide to keep working.


But you’re paralyzed by thoughts about how to do it without a proven system to follow that’s not going to scam you out of your hard earned dollars.


Good news! You’re in the right place.

This is the time to bring your superhero energy and get your financial house in order.

Tap into your unfair advantage with a nurse investing expert- stop doubting and start nursing on your own terms.


Perfect For: Nurses…if you have nurse in your title, this is for you.


If you're ready to use your nursing skills to set your rock-solid investment strategy and unleash your nurse powers…


Let's work together.

That's Me. I'm Ready. ➡️



Climb The Wealth Ladder


How you can know exactly the next step to take with your money now. Stop missing out on valuable earnings without needing to seek out expensive advice.

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Battle-tested and built on the teachings of Finance industry Experts worth listening to.

Hi I’m Angel…

I teach you a one and done investing strategy where you use the nursing skills you already have to manage your money better than any expert. 

I’m on a mission to help you become a financially independent nurse so that you can work when you want, how much you want, with who you want, and take the risks in your career that you aren’t comfortable taking now.

I’ll guide you to financial independence with a proven strategy that works for nurses everywhere. 

Are you done with being confused by financial jargon and feeling like you’re missing out? Of course you are.

Want to invest side by side with a pro, see where your money is going, and make it work for you? I’m here for you.

Create passive income that will shave years off your working life? Done.



You create a personalized money management strategy that’s safe

It takes you 1 hour a month to complete

You confidently do your own investing

You are a millionaire who reached retirement early

You lived your best life along the way


You finally understand how to work smarter not harder

You don’t worry about falling short and disappointing your family

You say no to working extra

You don’t tolerate workplace abuse

You center the voices of nurses in healthcare solutions

You live the life you want and spend your time on the things you value most.


I believe that one nurse's financial independence is another nurse's power.

I'm here for you if you're ready to live your best life and center the nursing voice in our abusive health care conglomerate.

One Nurse's Financial Independence Is Another Nurse's Power

Are You My Next Success Story? 

Nurse Investing Course Testimonial
Nurse Investing Course Testimonial
Course for nurses to learn to invest testimonial
Course for nurses to learn to invest testimonial

Are you ready to launch your nursing skills into taking full financial control? 

Yes! I'm Ready.