Make the Most Out Of Your Good Nursing Money


Take Full Financial Control, Balloon your Bank Accounts, Secure Your Work Optional Freedom – All In 1 Hour A Month



Introducing the

Nurses Investing For Wealth Method™

All of the money strategies that work.

All in one holistic & comprehensive system.

All taught in a way that your nurse brain will easily understand, without frustrating financial jargon.

Completely customizable to your nursing lifestyle. 

All in just one hour per month.


What would it be like to know that nursing is something you do because you want to, not because you have to? To live the life you want now? To prioritize time with your family? To travel and explore freely? To pursue creative interests? What would it mean to enjoy complete financial peace? What would that mean for your nursing career and your life?


Implement the money system that let me retire at 35 years old. 


In 2009 I had $200,000 in debt. 

By 2015 I was debt free, and I hit my short term financial independence goal. > I retired from nursing. 

Over the next 5 years I purchased a home and cars in cash. I traveled extensively. I spent meaningful time with family, and I had life experiences that I’d dreamed about for years. 

By 2020, I had become a financially free millionaire.

No inheritance. No lottery. Just a money system that fit perfectly with my nursing career and let me get the most out of every dollar I earned.

In 10 years I went from $200,000 in debt to a millionaire on a nursing salary. 

(And I haven’t stopped there. In the last year my net worth increased by nearly $200,000 just by using my proprietary money system, working part-time and living a life I love.) 


What would it mean to you to know you were living your best life now AND setting yourself up for a fulfilling, comfortable future?



Are You My Next Success Story? 

Nurse Investing Course Testimonial
Nurse Investing Course Testimonial
Course for nurses to learn to invest testimonial
Course for nurses to learn to invest testimonial

What Is The

Nurses Investing For Wealth Method™?


This is the one and done money strategy where you learn how to use the nursing skills you already have to manage your money better than any hired expert.

There’s no confusing financial jargon.

It’s a strategy created by a nurse, for nurses, so it  is simple for nurses to understand and implement.

Set it up well. Set it up once. 

Start stretching your nursing money further than you ever dreamed it could go.



A holistic, comprehensive money strategy – in just 1 hour every month

Effortlessly understand your financial data and monthly cash flow. Maximize the potential of your nursing income. Pay off debt. Save for significant purchases. Establish a fully funded emergency fund. Invest with confidence. Take control of your money (and your life).

A strategy for setting up returns on your investments that will cover your annual expenses…forever.

Once it’s set you’ll have a roadmap to  becoming work optional as quickly as possible. This is how nurses can ultimately eliminate financial stress, confusion, and overwhelm. 

You just set it up then revisit it 1-hour each month. Watch your net worth climb.



What It Is NOT



  • Depending on someone else to manage your money doesn’t work. If you want to get the most out of your money you need to be in control of your accounts. 


One-Size Fits All Financial Advice

  • Traditional advice doesn’t fit with your unique needs as a nurse. You need a strategy that takes into account variable pay, unpredictable time off, and the precarious nature of your work. You need to be ready to take time away at a moment’s notice. 


A Get Rich Quick Scheme 

  • There’s no such thing. You’re going to have to do the work. But if you do this work now, you'll save yourself years of nursing shifts in the future.


Restrictive Budgeting

  • There are  a million ways to use your money, but what’s right for one person won’t be right for another. You need a system driven by your own values, which will allow you to afford the life that you and your family want.


Investment Ploys

  • No investment products sold here. Only an educational program that teaches you essential money skills that you’ll have for life. 


Speculative investment strategies

  • Worried about gambling your money away on risky investments? This isn’t that. Nurses deserve solid, time-tested financial principles that are proven and reliable.