Breaking Through Financial Fears: Your Journey to Nurse Money Mastery

rev your riches challenge Oct 16, 2023


This is the final day of the 4 day Nurses Investing For Wealth Rev Your Riches Challenge™! 🎉

(Nurses & APRNs inside this challenge should have completed my in-depth 2 hour training first. If you haven’t done it yet, go here.)


Finding & Fixing Problems With Your Investment Strategy–Maximize Your Returns By Building Your System

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Learning something new can be daunting, especially when your subconscious mind resists change. It's a natural instinct, designed to protect you, but it can hinder your financial progress.


What's Stopping You?


Many nurses have expressed their fears and concerns:

  • Not knowing how to make the most money as a nurse.
  • Avoiding bank account scrutiny out of fear.
  • Earning a significant income but having little to show for it.
  • Hesitating to start a business due to financial risks.
  • Fearing that financial scrutiny will lead to harder work.
  • Desiring better work-life balance without a clear path.
  • Feeling that it's too late or impossible due to their background.
  • Doubting that courses will deliver what they promise.


By participating in this challenge, you're breaking through. You're choosing to embrace some discomfort now for a brighter financial future. You're demonstrating that with practice, you can learn, grow, and create financial freedom. Every step forward makes the next one easier.


Take A Look At Your Progress


Now, let's review some of what you've learned in this challenge so far:

  • You've identified and logged into your brokerages. (Video 1)
  • You've differentiated between account types and investment options. (Video 1)
  • You've located and assessed your existing investments. (Video 2)
  • You've calculated your personal investment risk. (Video 3)
  • You've determined the ideal mix of stocks and bonds for your risk profile. (Video 3)


How To Make Good Money As A Nurse–Learn To Invest!


Your next step is to continue on your journey to learning to invest! Specifically, you’ll learn how to complete these skills next:

  • Analyze your current holdings. 
  • Ensure they meet your criteria for quality. 
  • Understand how the stock and bond markets work. 
  • Minimize fees silently eroding your earnings. 
  • Spot poor expert management practices
  • Make investment decisions aligned with your risk profile.


This is how you make more money as a nurse.


Which Nurses Make The Most Money? 


Working with experts, even fee-free or low-cost robo-advisors, can lead to sneaky fees that cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Research shows that individuals who invest on their own outperform experts nine times out of ten. You have the same investment choices as experts, and you know yourself better.


In today’s challenge video, you learned which nurses make the most money. It’s the nurses who know how to use the money they earn and follow an expert-beating investment strategy.


The great news for you is that this can be you.


Your brain might resist this journey, telling you that you lack time or knowledge. However, by investing time now, you're saving years of financial uncertainty and stress. The Nurses Investing For Wealth Method gives you the step-by-step guidance you need to make informed choices and evaluate when expert advice is necessary. And you’ll hear exactly what that is when you watch the video. 


How To Make The Most Money As A Nurse

As we conclude this challenge, you might be wondering how to conduct stock and bond analysis, select the right investments from thousands of options, and set up short-term financial independence while working toward long-term financial freedom.


You may also be wondering the best way to put your good nurse money to use by correctly building an emergency fund, optimizing every earned dollar, setting your early retirement plan, and how you’ll bridge your current situation to generational wealth.


It's a lot to learn, but it's all essential for your financial journey. If you want to make the most money as a nurse, you have to know how! And that's what's available to you now.





You’ve taken a solid step forward in this challenge. You have proven to yourself you can do it. If you’re ready to keep learning here’s what to do:


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