How To Turn A Nursing Salary Into Financial Independence and Impact Healthcare

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Hi! I'm Angel. I'm a nurse. I’m a lot like you, I think. 

I'm also a nurse millionaire, and I want you to have the truth about me. It's probably not what you expect.

I’m not from a rich family and I haven’t received any major inheritance. In fact, I was born into DV that made me housing insecure for the first years of my life, eventually landed me in a trailer park, and grew up eating free school lunches when I was a kid. When my mom encouraged me to go to nursing school to break the poverty cycle, I almost didn’t make it. I scraped my way through by  working night shift as a CNA and donating blood plasma.

When I became a nurse, I had the relief of owning a skill that could earn me a steady income, and I was thrilled to be able to go and help people! But I quickly found how crushing the weight of the work was. It didn’t take me long to get clued into the realities of what it meant to work inside corporate healthcare – CEOs getting paid multi-millions …in the same facility where I was being refused a raise that would even cover the increased cost of my employer-provided health insurance! 

As my colleagues and I worked our tails off – including through holidays and weekends, we were rewarded with denied PTO requests, refusal of extended sick leave, missed breaks, crushing workloads, workplace injuries…who can relate? 🙋🏼‍♀️

I constantly wondered if my license would be under threat and why patient safety concerns weren't being addressed. 

As you know now, my money story is not one of extreme wealth and privilege. I had $200,000 of debt and was absolutely sick of it. I got really serious about developing systems that made sense to my nursing brain and that would make it easy for me to expertly manage my money and invest correctly.  

I hoped like hell it would work. Much to my own surprise, it did! 

Within 6 years I was completely out of debt, and had cash-flowed my way to financial independence which allowed me to make nursing work optional. I even took 5 years off from nursing. 

Then I bought my home in cash…yes, me, a little girl living in a trailer park in OH bought her home in cash!

Here’s the kicker… by this time, I wasn’t surprised anymore. I knew my plan I was following. I knew it was working. I was relieved that I was completely unstuck from my nursing work. 

The time came for me to make a decision – let my nursing license lapse, or return to work to get practice hours to keep my license active. With just 2 months to go before my license expired, I got a new NP job for just 10 hours a week. 

It was weird going back…I walked right back into the same old stories, except 5 years later… straight into a bully, straight into an organization that paid me incorrectly for 9 out of 12 months. Overwork, short staff, constant requests to give… give… give more! 

I was dealing with an employer who was happier to put up a fight with my union than to just create a better, more satisfying work environment. An employer who blamed the union for their inability to take meaningful action.

Nothing had changed inside the healthcare conglomerate… but I had!

I showed back up with the complete belief that my employer needed me more than I needed them. I was working because I wanted to, not because I had to.

When the bullying and gaslighting started, I didn’t back down. I advocated for myself, my colleagues, my patients. I knew that if I lost this job, nothing would be lost to me personally. Because I had all the money I needed to support myself indefinitely all because of a plan I had created and followed that gave me a crystal clear understanding of my finances and future.

Here's what to know about turning a nursing salary into financial independence

  • You make enough to be a millionaire. Your career can get you there when you follow a money plan that's perfectly in line with your goals.
  • With financial independence, you can be in complete control of your nursing career.
  • You can be a nurse because you want to be, not because you have to be...or step away from nursing for years... or a lifetime!
  • Financial security allows you to be a fearless advocate for yourself, your colleagues, and your patients. Your potential for impact is huge!

I'm going to show you how to set your plan to financial independence. 


First, I want to hear from you!

Please leave a comment below. Let me know one of the following: what kind of nursing do you do? What do you think about all this? What's holding you back so far? Are you ready for a change? 

Excited to hear from you!



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