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"I have so much more clarity right now. I have been saving enough. I have enough for emergency and sinking funds. I realized if I designate what my money is going to go to work for here, there’s no stress for that. I still have funds for self care days and to enjoy my life. Now that I see how each dollar goes to work, it eliminated stress in my mind." 

~ Hoily, Travel Nurse


"Ultimate Nurse Investing took a lot of the guessing out. Using some of the tools in the program like the financial independence calculator, I was able to relax about my money plan now. It’s comforting to know how to be financially independent."

~Cristina, RN Tele Med Surg


"For a couple years I’ve been trying to figure out my money and how to best handle it, how to invest it properly. I've gone to many different types of meetings or seminars. Oftentimes it wasn't making complete sense to me. I still didn't feel like I had complete autonomy over my money– a finance expert was still handling my money. I was at a time where I had gone through crypto, I had done a trading course. And I still felt stuck…I didn't know where to start or what resource to go to or who to go to to answer those questions.

I've been very thankful for the course because it has actually helped me to understand what to do with my money, the vehicles to put it in, what certain terminologies mean. I can even explain it to another person–like a friend or a family member. 

I didn't realize how a fee charged by my financial advisor could cost me so much. I was super shocked as to (1) how high the percentage was. Mine was close to 3%. And (2) how much money I would lose over time, that was very, very shocking to me. Yeah, several $100,000 [lost]...

I wish I had found this earlier. I think it would have saved me a lot of time, a lot of energy. Even though it took me a second to get here, I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad I'm learning what I am and I think it could have saved me quite a bit of money, but now I will be the future. I found it and I'm glad. I'm grateful for it."

~Sarah, RN x 3 years


"Wow! This is a one-stop course! I’ve been doing this 2 years with different resources and courses. I get into yours and my gosh, it really is ULTIMATE. Really all the information is already all here. You could charge so much more for this because it’s so comprehensive. That’s what other courses I’ve done will do. I wish I would’ve found you sooner because it would’ve saved me so much time and so much money."

~Kathy, DNP, PNP, Professor of Nursing


"The best result that I've had from completing the course is I have been able to only work eight weeks of the year so far. And I'm recording this in June. So out of one year, I was able to take eight months off just by knowing exactly how much I'm spending, investing, knowing how to invest by using all of the resources that Angel has made available to me.  

I absolutely 1,000% recommend this course to any nurse that is wanting to plan for their financial future is wanting to prepare to leaving the bedside or the profession. Any nurses planning to travel, really any nurse. This is going to be so monumental for your future and I highly, highly, highly, recommend it."

~Kayla, RN L&D


"I really struggled for a long time with keeping track of the money I had coming in and going out. The other big struggle I had was how intimidating it felt to invest. I know I wanted to invest, but it was very overwhelming. What funds? Where to go? Was I doing it right? And was it going to be enough? That was so daunting. Ultimate Nurse Investing really helped put all those fears to rest. 

The amount of time it saved me was invaluable. I feel like it saved me years. With the help of Angel and the tools and the things that I've learned in this course, I've calculated that I saved $24,000. So I've made back my money many times over. There were so many features of this course; it wasn't just one for me. There were so many pieces that I was missing and that were really holding me back. I feel like the course in and of itself was great, but then you get all these tools (money I&O sheet, stock & bond analyzer and more) that really helped me take the next steps that I needed to make sure I was getting the most out of my money.

Even though I didn't know what I was doing at the start, I now can confidently say that, going forward, I do know where I'm going. And it's looking good. It's looking really good. And even in the parts I want to work on, I have a plan. I'm not feeling lost. I'm not feeling overwhelmed. And I don't feel like it's so daunting. I'm not saying it's easy, but I'm saying it's going to be doable. And that's exciting!" 

~Tiera, RN x 20 years



"I  originally had no background knowledge about savings, investments, or any terms like that. I don't come from a family that taught me how to invest or have any schooling in any of that. And I just wanted to be able to do that since knowing my mom passed away and she had no savings setup. I want to know that if something happened to me, I could pass it on to family members that needed it or just to be set up in a good situation in the future.

Prior to being in this course, my biggest struggle with money management was having no plan and not being smart financially with my decisions. I was just living paycheck to paycheck and not knowing where my money was going. Yeah, before I started this course, I literally had no idea where I stood financially whether I was under or over. I was just guessing and when we ran the numbers. I was expecting my financial institution would be making all the decisions for me and they're gonna be looking out for me and every step of the way since they were managing the account. And I just took for granted thinking that they'd always give me the best fees or the best choices. And I wouldn't have to do anything at all or even look at it. (Scott found fees that he fixed that immediately saved him $17,000!)

One of the best features that I'll be able to take away from taking this course is I'm now able to go into look at my investments accounts and see where my money is trending. How to know if I should hold on to something. 

Angel helped me with one of her flow sheets and where I stood. I was literally shocked at where I was. And after being able to settle down and look at where I wanted to go I'm able to have a plan now, so I can set money aside and plan for a future where I want to be.

~Scott, PACU RN



"It is so refreshing to have finances remixed by a nurse for nurses. It’s understanding the jargon and philosophies in a way my brain already thinks for me."

~Juniper L&D RN



"My major obstacle was I needed someone to guide me, to hold my hand at the beginning of it. I'm a quick learner but I'm also one of those people that learns by actually seeing things and doing things. Basically, I needed someone to hold my hand because for me, this is a brand new world– something that I've never entered before. 

I like the fact that my mindset has changed towards spending. I'm more cautious of how I spend my money.  I like the I&O form that we did where I can track my money and see where my money is going. And then thinking outside the box– I was so hyper focused on ‘I want to buy a house this year’ and then after talking I realized that buying a home this year might not be the best thing for me. It might be better for me financially to rent for now. And then after I invest my money and get a great return on that, then I might be able to buy my home. Focusing on when I get a large sum of money, not just spending it right away. Figuring out a way that I can use it to put me where I want to be financially."

~Portia LPN & CEO of The PW Agency



I found Ultimate Nurse Investing soon after graduating nursing school and getting my first nursing job. I had never made that much money before I started my nursing career. I didn't know what to do with all my new benefits, investing options, or what to do with my money. Ultimate Nurse Investing was easy to follow with really helpful tools. I found it easy to use and highly beneficial, and I can say that I am competently investing my money. 

In the past, I really never had any interest in researching investments figuring out where I wanted to put my money. I had random retirement accounts offered through various jobs. When I actually started to earn money, it was very empowering to learn more about what I should do with it, and how I can make my money turn into more money and make it work for me. 

I highly recommend this course if you're looking for more information to help jumpstart your investment strategies. She provides tools that help with budgeting and gives personal advice when you want it.

~Ali Small, BS-Biology, BSN, RN, PALS, ACLS, TNCC


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