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Hi! This is my review of Nicki Krawczyk's Circuit Sales System (CSS) course—an absolute game-changer for me. If you're an entrepreneur, I believe it will be for you too. 

Wondering what fueled my decision to take this course? I was looking for a comprehensive system that systematically connected with my audience so I could reach them at the perfect moment and offer tailored solutions they were excited about.

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My Background

Let's set the record straight—I'm not a seasoned web developer, designer, or copywriter. I'm a nurse and nurse practitioner–great at educating and caring for others, but not at starting businesses. Before coming to CSS I had created a couple funnels, which definitely helped me. But I always struggled with knowing what exactly to put on the page and where. That's why the CSS program helped me so much. 


What's Inside the Course? 

CSS is a beacon in the realm of copywriting. It's not just a guide; it's a journey to clarity. It helped me figure out how to communicate everything about my offering that I thought was important as concisely as possible. CSS doesn't just help set up your flow; it provides the entire toolkit for your entrepreneurial system.


What's It Like Being Inside?

Honestly? It was a huge challenge. But I was already experiencing a huge challenge setting up my sales system before the program so I was ready for it. Learning copywriting skills was the biggest growth point, and the support I received was invaluable. Crafting my message became an art, allowing me to sell without feeling sleazy. CSS provided my path to authentic communication, drawing customers with purpose. And I have never felt better about what I'm offering to my clients.

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What's the Support and Community Like?

The private group became my entrepreneurial sanctuary. No lie! I felt like I lived in there for a couple months straight. Submitting crucial copywriting pieces for review was the most value I've received from any course ever. Interaction with Nicki, other copywriters she has inside the group, and fellow entrepreneurs ensured constant support and feedback, fostering a community committed to entrepreneurial success. See experiences of other students inside the CSS program here.  


Tell Me More About Your Results.

CSS isn't just theory; it's real-world application. My circuit is up and running, and is effectively eliminating chaos inside my business. My highest converting landing page (50-80%) ever and consistent sales (conversions 3-4%) are a testament to the effectiveness of the CSS strategies. It even helped me over the $10,000 per week mark once, and I know that what happened once can happen again!


Affiliate Program

Becoming a CSS affiliate was a no-brainer. The positive impact on my business and the genuine belief in the program's value means that I'm telling fellow entrepreneur's about it already. I figure I may as well be part of the affiliate program since I'm already doing the work!  

Angel Mathis, Nurses Investing For Wealth

What's In It For You?

The CSS course isn't just about setting up a system; it's about setting up the right system. It eliminates stress and chaos, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your entrepreneurial journey and creating the best experience possible for the people you serve. (Listen to this episode of the CSS Podcast : Are You Spending Too Much Time Working In Your Business?)


Do I recommend CSS?

Yes. CSS requires hard work, but the alternative is harder. Without it, you risk being stuck in a perpetual cycle of figuring things out, coming up with your next offer, hosting your next launch. CSS provides a long-lasting solution and takes all that busy-work out, creating an entrepreneurial journey that you set up once and then repeat over and over again without all the effort.

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