Quick Launch Investing Self-Paced Course

How to use your nursing knowledge to end money confusion in 1 day 

Even if you have no idea where to start and think your financial advisor has you covered…because they don’t.

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You made it through nursing school and came out with all the skills you need to keep someone alive… so why does money management feel so overwhelming?


You’re scared of 

✔️ Missing out on big money opportunities

✔️ Being locked into nursing for ever

✔️ Not ever learning to invest

✔️Always having to trust someone else to do your investing for you...and not knowing any better

✔️Investing time you don’t have to get your money right… and still getting it wrong

✔️ Feeling like an idiot when talking to finance experts

✔️ Gambling your money away



You think people like you don’t invest. You’re not rich!

That’s. Not. True.

It’s not your fault…

Nursing school never taught you this. 

Your employer never explained how to set up your retirement. 

And your financial advisor’s preferred language is verbal diarrhea.


Have you ever pondered why?

The healthcare conglomerate needs you to be a good, laboring nurse.

...Not a financially-free changemaker.

I get it


My nursing work was crushing me. My pay wasn't keeping up with cost of living increases. I had $200,000 of debt. I spent 10+ years learning how to manage my money and invest. I believed my financial advisor could do it better.

I missed out on $300,000 due to the high-fee funds my ‘no-fee’ fiduciary advisor had invested me into. I fired my advisor saying, “I think I can manage my own money better.”

His response? “Yeah, you probably can.”

My decision to become an expert nurse investor fast-tracked my financial independence.

Now I'm showing you how to do it too. It's all the secrets the finance industry doesn't want you to know.

What if…

  • You knew your employer needed you more than you needed them?
  • You lost your license tomorrow but knew you had enough in the bank to last a lifetime?
  • You reached financial independence years earlier than traditional retirement age
  • You could pursue other passions and talents and make nursing your side-hustle?

You're in the right place.

If You’re Finally Ready To…

✅ Learn how to use your nursing skills to learn to invest

✅ Stop missing out on big money opportunities

✅ Decide if you will manage your own investing

✅ Have the knowledge base to have educated conversations with your financial advisor to make sure your money is cared for the right way.

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Quick Launch Investing Course

Showing you how to apply your nursing skills to investing in just 4 hours.

You get 3.0 CNE hours too!

Ready? Set. Go! Learn exactly how to make sure your money is working for you right now. Stop wasting time. Get the most from your hard earned dollars!

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Full Financial Control - Nurse Investing

End money confusion QUICKLY

...immediately. Know what accounts to use, where to put excess, how to track your data, and invest safely.

 Save hundreds of thousands $$$ NOW

Knowing the best strategy to use for your specific life circumstances will make you richer faster.

Plan to get unstuck IMMEDIATELY

Expert nurse investors don't have to work! This is the start of your plan for being (early) retirement ready. Financial independence & freedom is within your reach.

Ultimate Nurses Investing Course
Give Me Quick Launch Investing Now ➡️

This self-paced course with bite-sized video and reading lessons gets you started quickly.


✨ The only State Board of Nursing approved financial literacy CNE!

✨ Suits every learning style. 

✨ Full of actionable steps that will have a lasting impact on your finances.

✨ Includes BONUS done-for-you tools that make the work so easy.

✨ After committing the 4-6 hours to completing the coursework you are going to be excited about your financial future!


Take a peek at what's inside the 4+ hours of course instruction that has exactly what you need to get quickly started

Climb The Wealth Ladder GO!
Guarantee Your Wealth Building Strategy Is Working
Investing Effectively The Rich Nurse Strategy

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Who's behind Nurses Investing for Wealth? 

Hi I’m Angel…


I bought a home in CASH. Cars in CASH. I took a 5 year work-break between 35-40 years old. I saved a million dollars on a nursing salary making between $16 and $40/hour for most of my career. 

Now I work because I want to. Not because I have to. 

How did I do it? I created an evidence based financial strategy that works for my nursing lifestyle. 


Any nurse can replicate this. 


Ready to use your nursing career to live the life of your dreams while also making work optional, creating generational wealth, and establishing your legacy?

Want to start quickly? 

See you inside Quick Launch Investing!


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I know you’re busy! 

You might also be worried about spending money when money is already tight.

This is precisely why I created Quick Launch Nurse Investing... I don't want anything to stand in the way of your success so I'm making this as easy and affordable as possible.

This course doesn't cost you money... it saves you money. 

And the earlier and quicker you get started, the better results you will have.


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Ready to be a Successful Nurse Investor?

Here’s your chance to quickly act for your future freedom.

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Quick Launch Investing

  • The foundational steps of the Nurse Investing For Wealth Method that will make you more knowledgeable about investing than 90% of the population: 4+ Hours of Self Paced Video Trainings + Lifetime Access (Value $750)

  • 3.0 Contact Hours Board Approved Continuing Nurse Education Credits for LPNs, RNs, APRNs

  • 4 Bonus Templates + Calculators + Checklists (Value $455)

  • Exclusive Discounted Entry to Ultimate Nurse Investing (Value $197)

Total Value =$1,402



More Real RESULTS from Nurses Investing For Wealth

Ultimate Nurse Investing Course 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Risk Free Guarantee


Here’s the deal. I know for a fact that the Nurses Investing For Wealth Method works. I know it because it’s the exact blueprint I used to achieve my own financial freedom! 

I’m obsessed with your success which is why I want to take 100% of the risk from you by guaranteeing if you complete the modules in the course

You have a 30-day No Risk Guarantee to go through Ultimate Nurse Investing, download  everything and attend the live workshops. If you try it and it doesn’t work for you, I’ll provide extra coaching or issue you a 100% refund if I decide I cannot help you set your strategy. 

That’s how much I believe in the Ultimate Nurse Investing Course – AND YOU. I take all the risk away so you’re left with zero excuses.


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