Using Your Phone To Decipher Your Investment Accounts

Jan 24, 2023

Money For Nurses

Tiny Training Investing Series–BONUS 🎁

You want a quick demo showing the steps from Training #1 & #2 in action? You got it!

In this video I show you exactly how I use my phone to complete my own research in 1 minute and 46 seconds! For real. This is how easy it is to do this work when you know what you’re looking for. Will you do it in 1 minute the first time. Unlikely. But will you next time? Yes!!

I know what you’re thinking…

This is too easy to be useful. I promise you, it’s not. 


For years you’ve been excluded from believing you can do your own investing. 

That's because...

⛔ A finance industry relies on your ignorance about investing to make them money. 

⛔  A healthcare industry relies on you to be a good, hard, laboring nurse. Not a financially independent changemaker who works when you want.


You’re changing this today.

You being here is proof to yourself that you have what it takes to do this work. I'm proud of you.



If you landed on this page through a random internet search? Hi! Welcome! 👋🏻

The other lessons in theTiny Training Investing Series will make this video make a lot more sense. 

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