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Investing this time into your education means you are committing to finally...

✅  Ending money confusion & overwhelm

✅ Getting unstuck from nursing work (by making your money work)

✅ Learning how to use your nursing skills to fast-track your way to financial freedom

Inside This Class You’ll Learn 


Simple really… my biggest money mistake was trusting a financial advisor (CFP/fiduciary) to manage my investing was my biggest investing mistake. 😬

I describe this mistake in detail in this MOST IMPORTANT training of the Tiny Training Investing Series.

Takes me a bit of time to explain (1.5 hours)...

But I promise to show you some things you’ve never seen before if you: 

😬 Work with an advisor (or are considering it)

😬 Believe an advisor can invest your money better than you

😬 Aren’t sure you have enough time to do your own investing

😬 Aren’t sure if you have enough skill to do your own investing 

By the end of this 1.0 CNE you’ll know exactly how investing mistakes are costing you 5+ figures this month…and how to fix it. 

I’m showing you the secrets it’s taken me 20 years to learn.


If you want to

✅ End money confusion and overwhelm

✅ Have conversations with financial advisors that keep you in control. ✨End the meaningless financial jargon!✨

✅ Get permanently unstuck from nursing work 

✅ Learn the 2 paths to follow to setting up your financial independence

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